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Better Sysadmin: improving a crappy work situation

I was skimming /r/sysadmin last week and the top thread was posted by a chap who was close to reaching his limit at work (a few days later he resigned). Unfortunately this is surprisingly common. Throughout the two posts I found a lot of really good advice from people who had been through similar issues. No situation is perfect, but whether you decide to stay or move on, improving your lot is always a good idea. I started putting together some of my own thoughts, and this post is the result.

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Installing RT4 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server

Install Request Tracker

Since covering an install of Request Tracker 4 on Debian (Part 1/2, 2/2), my most common request has been a guide for Ubuntu. A lot of the material is the same, since Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian.

This guide assumes you are installing a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server onto a new computer or virtual machine. I have chosen the latest LTS release as it will be supported for far longer than regular releases. These instruction should also work on any version of Ubuntu released after 11.10 (minor changes may be required).

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